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This website is intended to serve as a online repository of information, communication, and re-imaginations of the parables of Jesus

We start with these premises: 

bulletthe better the information we have about the content of a parable the better we might be at understanding it
bulletthe content is not the point of the parable
bulleta community of readers is preferable to just a single reader 
bulleta single reader may see something that no one else does
bulletthe parables do not mean just anything; they are not ambivalent  
bulletthey might mean many things; they are multivalent
bulletthe goal of the parables is to create an experience of the dominion of God


bulletMark Vitalis Hoffman

Advisory Panel:

bulletArland Hultgren - author of The Parables of Jesus: A Commentary
bulletCharles Hedrick - author of Many Things in Parables: Jesus and His Modern Critics