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Web Resources on the Parables

  • Parables at NTGateway: A great collection of links to sites, books, dissertations, and articles on the web
  • Background Information on the Parables: Part of a series on the parables at
  • Parables Library at the Baylor University Center for Christian Ethics: An excellent collection of articles and study guides on the parables
  • Parables of Jesus: Listing of web links, bibliography, and brief introduction by Eugene Hensell
  • "Parable" at Wikipedia: Perhaps not the most helpful introduction to biblical parables, but there is a nice listing with links to the texts of the parables of Jesus.
  • Parables of Jesus: Engages with solid scholarship, and provides parallel texts including texts including Gospel of Thomas. (Identifies itself as a non-denominational site, but it regularly interacts with Mary Baker Eddy's Science and Health.)